Eriter Creations Inc. is an innovative company that is passionate about “Keeping it Real” in the simulation environment for healthcare education. We design and manufacture realistic and effective simulation accessories that mimic symptoms of health conditions to enhance and facilitate student/practitioner learning while eliminating the potential for harm to patients. The edema product line includes SimLeggingsTM which simulate pitting edema in newborn to adult sizes and SimSleeves TM   which simulate lymphedema for adults and Extenders which can be zipped into the SimLeggings to make them one size larger.  

The obesity products include a SimObesityTM Shirt   which simulates adult obesity,  SimObesity TMSuit JR, to simulate childhood obesity in 5 – 7 year olds and our newest product SimObesityTMLeggings.  



SimObesityTMLeggings  are designed to be used with the SimObesityTMShirt  to provide an even more realistic, overall simulation of an obese patient.

beige SimObesityShirt + SimObesityLeggings

NOTE: The SimObesityTMShirt  and the SimObesityTMLeggings  are sold separately.











Edema Products:       SimLeggings TM     Extenders for SimLeggingsTM     SimSleeves TM      

Obesity Products:      SimObesityTMShirt     SimObesityTMLeggings      SimObesityTMSuit JR         

We attended the 2016 INACSL conference & trade show in Grapevine, TX.

What a wonderful, friendly community.  The hotel offered almost everything we could think of.   Attendees at the conference asked us lots of questions but the ones we enjoyed the most where when someone walked up and said.  “I LOVE those leggings.  I have had them several years and we use them all the time.”  Word of mouth complements is the best advertising we can possibly have.


We made a draw for a pair of SimLeggings.  This time the lucky winner was Chris McElvogue from Canyon Lake, TN.

chris McElvogue INACSL winner 2016 Congratulations Chris!

We had fun in Tampa – Feb. 16-18 for HPSN World 2016!  

Larry Marshall, a training officer for paramedics in Florida,  entered and won a pair of SimLeggings.  Congratulations Larry.

HSPN winner



  • easy to use – zippers make the accessories easy to apply and remove from the mannequin
  • easy care – the covering can be machine washed, using a gentle cycle,   and dried in a warm dryer
  • easy to store – a storage bag is provided with each product
  • no messy prep time or clean-up time required
  • latex free
  • made in a scent free environment.
  • available in two skin tones;  beige and dark brown


We will ship anywhere. For Canada or the Continental USA we use Canada Post/ US Postal Service. For overseas orders, please send an email in advance so we can determine if there are any additional charges.  When using PayPal the shipping amount is automatically added to your order. Please ask for a quote with shipping charges if you are ordering by Purchase Order.  It takes about 10 days for delivery.


We warranty our products to be free of manufacturer defects for a period of 6 months and will pay shipping charges to return the product for repair or replacement and return to the customer. We ask that customers contact us within 10 days of receipt of the product(s) should they have any issues or concerns. If we are not able to resolve the issue/concern to the satisfaction of the customer, we will offer a full refund for the unused products. In this case, customers will assume responsibility for returning the product at their expense.


We have two videos to YouTube featuring our SimObesityTMShirt

Click on the video to view the features of the SimObesityShirtTM and how easy the shirt is to use.


A special thanks to Marissa Hakstol for her testimonial about the impact the realism of the SimObesityTMShirt had on the students in the nursing simulation lab.

We love to hear your comments about how you are including our products in your simulation scenarios.

Nice comment of the day:

Nov. 3/14   “Love the first pair we bought from you – coming back for more!”  Mary Paquette, Marquette University College of Nursing, Milwaukee, WI

Dec. 4/14 “This is a wonderful product and you are amazing creators of unique and excellent products.  So proud to know you both.  We have used our sim suits on our mannequins and have had our students wear them.  They really do simulate realistic care of the bariatric patient.  Way to go Karen and Colleen!” Colette Foisy-Doll MacEwan University, Alberta, Canada

Mar. 03/15 ” We love the legs — awesome for CHF simulations”

* * * Proud holders of International Design Patents * * *


 Contact us:  Karen 403 360 5406     Colleen phone/fax 403 756 3883